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 Volunteers are fundamental to the work SMART does in supporting our Scholars on the pathway to college. With more than 130 volunteers serving with SMART each year, they are a vital thread in our academic as well as our social emotional supports.

To learn more about volunteer opportunities contact Meagan Taylor at Meagan@thesmartprogram.org.

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Time commitment: 1 hour/week Sept-June

Tutors help our Scholars achieve their academic goals through strong role-model relationships and targeted homework support.

Tutors commit to one evening per week (M-Th) from 5:45-7:00

Middle school tutors are matched one-to-one with a student for the course of an academic year. They structure homework time for students and help students work towards academic goals in content understanding or in study habits.

High school tutors specialize in a subject area e.g. Algebra, Physics, Writing, or SAT/ACT test preparation. They may support multiple students in the course of an evening through support of small study groups or 30 min individual sessions. High school tutors ideally have prior experience tutoring and a degree or professional experience in the content area they are supporting.

Tutors must be at least 21 years old and must complete a screening process including an application, a phone and in-person interview with a staff member, as well as a background check. Tutor recruitment is ongoing until all Scholars are paired with a best-fit tutor. Applying to our tutoring program does not guarantee a match.

Time commitment: 5 hours/month for a year

Personal mentors act as role models and confidantes, supporting students in achieving personal goals through time spent together exploring new hobbies and sharing new experiences in the San Francisco community.

Mentors commit to serve as an adult role model and friend to one of our middle school Scholars for a calendar year, supporting them towards a personal goal through exploration of activities in the San Francisco community. Mentors communicate with their student weekly, and spend time with their student in person at least once a month. Activities may include visiting museums, playing sports, going to the beach or park, or exploring a new hobby

Mentors must be at least 21 years old and complete a screening process including an application, a phone and in-person interview with a staff member, a background check, and an online training course. Mentors agree to funding the activities they do with their mentee and communicating with the students' family to arrange meetings and transportation

Mentors who were the first in their family to go to college are particularly valuable to our students in helping to navigate the challenges of being first generation students. As communication with families is an important component of mentorship, mentors who bring Spanish and Chinese language background are also great resources for our students.

There are frequent opportunities to meet the SMART community and get involved in volunteer events. Some upcoming opportunities are:

Career Conference

April 10-11, 5:00-7:00 pm

Support our Scholars in the development of early professional skills by participating in career panels, mock interview sessions, and networking workshops.

There are many ways for corporate groups to get involved in SMART's work


Share your expertise through pro-bono support. Opportunities include:

  • photography and videography

  • information technology

  • graphic design

  • translation


Donate resources or funds to support our programs. Opportunities include:

  • School supply drives

  • Technology donations

  • Field trip funding

  • Care package sponsorship for college students


Share your time and see your impact in action. Opportunities include:

  • Career workshops with students

  • Mock interviews with students and families

  • Participation in our Career Conference

  • Hosting shadows or interns